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About Sensia

Since the inception of our website in 1998, we have been a leading online retailer of home fragrance products. In 2013, we narrowed our focus to incense and incense related products. We search regularly for new, high quality products to offer. Simply, we strive to offer the best products, customer service and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Sensia is comprised of a small group of utterly unique individuals with different talents, beliefs & backgrounds. It is our diversity which brings the spark to Sensia that you have come to enjoy. Our common thread is that we have a passion for fragrance & discovering that "perfect scent". Our combined knowledge & expertise fuel Sensia to bring you an unsurpassable shopping experience.

Most of our staff members are active in our local Animal Outreach organization & we look after a small feral cat colony at our physical store, Good Scents. We also support our local Cape May Food Closet & the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

Company Philosophy

It is our responsibility to provide fast and accurate customer service, high quality products, tips on how to get the best value from your purchased item and complete customer satisfaction.  Our goal is more than just a sale; we strive to please our customers beyond expectations and to never forget that our customers are individuals and deserve individual attention.

All of our products are proven for quality and customer satisfaction in our bricks & mortar store before being added to our online inventory.

We use clean recycled materials for shipping whenever possible.  This enables us to keep our costs lower and relieves some of the stress on our overburdened landfills.

Company Mission Statement

To provide quality products at affordable prices that add enrichment, growth, or enjoyment to the personal lives of our customers.

To recognize all customers as individuals, and treat them with respect and care at all times.

To maintain an atmosphere of caring and solidarity amongst all individual staff members that supports personal goals, growth and mutual respect.

To support our local community by maintaining reliable service on a year round basis, while contributing to other local organizations that enrich our community.

To support our global community by being environmentally responsible in all aspects of our business.




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